andy peterson


I am a visual artist and an educator, based in Seattle. Here are some samples of the work I do:

The Interactor, 2007-08, was a large-scale collaborative drawing project where participants interacted with one another via machine interface. I worked with several high school age participants over a period of five weekly meetings, preparing them to each identify with one remote controlled drawing machine. I constructed the drawing machines prior to our meetings, with the specific goal of creating a set of drawing implements, each with unique mark-making and control characteristics.

The end goal and concluding event was an Interaction Drawing, where these machines were operated simultaneously on a shared drawing surface. The drawing artifact is a visual record of the decisions made by the participants, as they interacted within the social, drawing arena. After the Interaction Drawing, I conducted interviews in order to glean information related to the participants’ experiences during the art making process.

Through this project structure, my aim is to facilitate a social experience for the participants, and then document this experience through visual and verbal means. The remnants of the process serve as the physical representations of these experiences, both collective and individual. The drawing itself provides one facet of residue from the event. The narrative element created through interview responses records the art-making process, and emphasizes the voices of the participants.